Thank You!

I want to say thank you to Joe and Durinda for coming to our house and believing our stories of what’s been happening here. My kids were complaining about a dark shadow scaring them and trying to hurt them we’ve seen Dark Shadows in our house, and something scares our pets. Things happen around here that if you tell anybody, most people think you’re crazy, but they came out with Marter Paranormal did an investigation and confirmed that there is something in this house. It’s been about a week now since they came and did their thing things are a lot calmer and the kids aren’t complaining about monsters I know that sounds crazy but they are real. These people are very knowledgeable, and for real they help my family at no charge, and I can never repay you guys for what you did. Thank you so much. I hope nobody has to go through what we have over the past couple years thank you guys again. I now believe in angels, and Joe and Durinda are two of them.

Thank you again.


Dean Monterosso

Dean Monterosso


Joe & Durinda stopped by house this past Saturday. They were recommended to us by another paranormal group. We have been living in Saginaw’s Historical District for two years. The house has been haunted. My name is Antoine and my wife name is Stacey she is a sensitive. We have noticed doors open, shades either open or closed then the opposite in the morning, items disappearing and reappearing days later, I have a video of balloon floating there the house. You name its probably happened but nothing too scary until this past winter. We have all felt the cold chill the enters a room, your pets ears shoot up or they start barking at nothing. This Incubus was attached to Stacey for sometime. We aren’t exactly sure how long. It was cause us to fight, become anger and say hurtful things. It had gotten to the point where it was putting suggestions in her mind of cheating and mistrust. I started to hear things being spoken but it wasn’t what the other people in the house actually said like you should kill yourself. Stacey would have black out spells where should would not remember anything she did. She would act drunk after two drinks or very sexual. An Incubus is a sexual demon and tries to control women. She wouldn’t remember having sex or the comments she made. The demon spoke to me through her when my back was turned and told me it control her and could take her life when it wanted too. It would mock the paranormal groups said they couldn’t help us. Stacey would touch herself at night after being out cold not remember doing it. If I touched the covers she would stop, she would stare right through me and not talk when I asked her questions just head movements. She would talk in her sleep to me then I would roll over she would be snoring lol. Joe and Durinda took notes and listen to our story did not judge us. It started to make us argue before they left our house but they told us to remember that we LOVE EACH OTHER and this isn’t us fighting. The following few days Stacey puked 4 times after two wine coolers and a shot which no where near hear tolerance which was odd but she didn’t remember puking at all. I believe the demon was trying to show me it still had control of her. It has been gone since Tuesday. She wasn’t as sexual as before but I knew we were back to normal. Stacey flashed me but didn’t remember that either. Stacey stopped puking that night. A missing PS4 controller should back up lol. The ghosts weren’t afraid to be themselves anymore. We have normal arguments again. It doesn’t feel like something wants us to hurt each other. She actually laughed with her kids and went tubing. Thank You for listening to our story and helping us with our demon. It was with her for years ruined many relationships. Don’t ever be afraid to ask others for help. Keeping asking to you find the solutions that works best for your family and sanity.


Antoine & Stacey

Life Savers

Hello! My name is Patrick, and I have been dealing with demonic presence/possession for quite some time as I am susceptible . I did not have the know-how, knowledge, or how to take the right steps to get better. Then God sent me two miracle workers! Joe and Durinda are the real deal, and very professional. They have cleansed my house of at least 14 demons. I now have the clarity and gumption to start living my life I always knew I could. Words can’t express my love and thankfulness to them! LOVE-LIGHT-and POSITIVE ENERGY

Patrick Hazelton


Thanks, Joe and Durinda for all of your help with our exorcisms. Things went very smoothly and Deb and I were very impressed with your professionalism,  and depth of knowledge.

Both of you have a long track record of successful exorcisms, and we are also 100% happy and satisfied with our With your work with us

God bless both of you and may you always be protected, safe, and supported in this hair raising, difficult service you provide to the afflicted.

Peace, light, and love

Scott and Deb


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