Thank You!

I want to say thank you to Joe and Durinda for coming to our house and believing our stories of what’s been happening here. My kids were complaining about a dark shadow scaring them and trying to hurt them we’ve seen Dark Shadows in our house, and something scares our pets. Things happen around here that if you tell anybody, most people think you’re crazy, but they came out with Marter Paranormal did an investigation and confirmed that there is something in this house. It’s been about a week now since they came and did their thing things are a lot calmer and the kids aren’t complaining about monsters I know that sounds crazy but they are real. These people are very knowledgeable, and for real they help my family at no charge, and I can never repay you guys for what you did. Thank you so much. I hope nobody has to go through what we have over the past couple years thank you guys again. I now believe in angels, and Joe and Durinda are two of them.

Thank you again.


Dean Monterosso

Dean Monterosso


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