Welcome to the Society of Demonologists blog. We hope this forum will be educational and answer questions you might have about demons. Please feel free to send questions to Societyofdemonologists@yahoo.com. We can post your questions here and answer them here or find us on Facebook (Society of Demonologists of Michigan).

When it comes to getting help involving the demonic you will find most will not attempt to help themselves; the demon’s influence can be substantial. However, if the potential client does reach out to us, in most cases the demon will influence or coerce you to stop seeking help. This happens more often than not. We often have people contact us with great urgency and want help immediately only later to back out with a variety of excuses. These individuals are usually under the influence of a demon, and things go from bad to worse. It is important to realize you are under demonic control, and once you commit to getting the help you need, you follow through no matter what, because the consequence of no action is grim.

Our procedure is to make phone contact first, to talk with the alleged victim. It lays the foundation of the investigation if there is to be one. The next step is to come to the location and talk with the family members as well as investigate the environment. If all proves a demonic infestation is taking place, then we will start the process of removing the demons. Once the demon removal is successful, we will check back in a few weeks to see if all is well. Of course, you can contact us anytime with any concerns you might have.

Our group is mainly focused in Michigan with a lot of cases in the Detroit and surrounding areas. We have worked cases in Ohio, and Tennessee, and remotely in Delaware, Missouri, and North Carolina.