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Demonic Infestations

One of the biggest misunderstandings in the public’s knowledge about demons is that there is only one demon involved in a demonic infestation. This is actually the exception rather than the rule. Demon’s travel in gangs except for the sex demons, the Incubus and the Succubus. It is hard to say what the average count in a gang of demons is. The typical range is two to ten demons per gang. However, I have dealt with a gang size as high as eighty and still counting. I even have read an account where a Catholic Priest had exorcised ninety demons
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Welcome to the Society of Demonologists blog. We hope this forum will be educational and answer questions you might have about demons. Please feel free to send questions to We can post your questions here and answer them here or find us on Facebook (Society of Demonologists of Michigan). When it comes to getting help involving the demonic you will find most will not attempt to help themselves; the demon’s influence can be substantial. However, if the potential client does reach out to us, in most cases the demon will influence or coerce you to stop seeking help. This
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